The Spirit of Faith Newsletter – May 1981 (Print Edition)

The Spirit of Faith Newsletter - May 1981 (Print Edition)

Bill Bailey Ministries was the name of Dr. Bill’s ministry before Word of Faith Ministries.

“Healing! Our New Birthright”

When one is born again he becomes a new creature. (2 Cor. 5:17) You are a different type of being than people that are not born again. You act differently, think differently (if you have renewed your mind to the Word, Rom. 12:1-3) and talk differently than people in the world. You must see yourself as the Word reflects you! Part of our birthright as new creatures is healing.

Did you know that all healing is from God? Now wait! Don’t go the usual route with that statement, “All healing comes from God, medical science heals; therefore God uses medical science only in these days, and supernatural healing has passed away.” NO! All true healing comes from God; medical science only treats symptoms! The origin of sickness is spiritual, therefore it has to be eliminated by spiritual means. If you just treat symptoms, the condition will reoccur!

The right of being healed supernaturally is yours if you are born again! As a matter of fact, you can lay your hands on the sick, as a believer, and get others healed, even if the sick you lay your hands on are not born again! (Mark 16:15-20) It has been said that divine healing is the dinner bell that will call the world to the Body of Christ. This is true!

Healing is a divinely granted birthright given to us to bless others with, as well as ourselves. If we walk in line with the Word of God we will be walking in Divine Health and sharing healing with the world. As a matter of fact, there are three main areas of supernatural healing: 1) Healing for the World – Mark 16:15-20; 2) Healing for the Carnally Minded Christian – James 5:14, 15: 3) Healing for the Mature Christian – Matt. 8:5-10.

We will be study these areas of healing this month on the Spirit of Faith Broadcast, as well as how healing actually works. These messages are on two ninety minute tapes that we are making available to you this month for a gift of five dollars! You may have these tapes by writing to me at (address of the ministry at that time was given.)

Items of Interest in This Issue

Radio Coverage Map… Schedule of the upcoming Piedmont Believer’s Convention in Winston-Salem, NC at New Covenant Church

Watch my wife, Belinda and I relate our personal healing testimony by clicking HERE!

Dr. Bill

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