"Word Study: The Power of the Word!"

By: Dr. Bill Bailey

A Word in Due Season - 12/89


Word Study "The Power of the Word!"
(Luke 1:37)

From Faith and Victory Church's "A Word in Due Season" Newsletter

(December 1989)

The "Christmas Story" in Luke contains an interesting verse that we often read over quickly... not realizing what its saying to us. Mary had asked how she, a virgin, could conceive a child. As part of his explanation, the angel said, "For with God nothing shall be impossible." (Luke 1:37 KJV) While that statement is certainly true... it does not convey the understanding that the Greek literal translation does! If you study out each word in the Greek, it translates to: "No Word spoken by God is void of the power required to bring that spoken Word to manifestation." Think of that! That alone is a message to us! God's Spoken Word of healing contains the power in it to heal! God's Spoken Word of supply contains the power itself to meet your needs! Speak the Word of God, and remember that the Gospel (God's Word) IS the Power of God unto your salvation (deliverance!) (Romans 1:16)

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